Quad is a privately held chemical and agricultural products company, marketing and distributing products with a global reach. We work to match and serve the unique needs of each customer with the products and services from our matrix of quality producers. At Quad, we’re in the business of solving supply challenges with consistency, quality and integrity.


Quad’s team is experienced in coordination of all aspects of commercialization where we bring new life to mature processes and bring life and market outlets to new processes.

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Quad works to match and optimize Supplier/Customer strengths to enhance relative benefits, especially where there are technical and logistical challenges.

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Quad uses a variety of dedicated suppliers and carriers to insure a reliable, fast and convenient path to the market. We work with the customer to optimize the cost and schedule to best meet their demanding needs.

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Quad is experienced in evaluating and reengineering older/mature supply chains by bringing creativity that is geared toward diversification and new approaches.

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Meeting and Exceeding Customers Expectations

balloons on skylineQuad is recognized as a supplier that is always working to create beneficial relationships with our customer and supplier base by providing reliable product supply, the highest quality products, and the logistics to meet routine and unexpected supply chain needs. We consistently invest and focus our efforts by understanding the market, reducing transactional costs, and expanding the diversity of offerings for each customer and supplier.

When a Quad customer or supplier has a difficult or challenging market, technical, supply or logistical issue, it then approaches Quad to work toward optimum solutions. We have been successful with promptly solving complicated logistics issues; finding solutions to both defined and undefined quality requirements; developing enhanced value for co-product streams; and identifying creative sourcing options.

At Quad, we treat challenges as opportunities and represent our strategic partners with honesty and integrity, always using our cornerstone of confidentiality.